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         Self confidence Can be seen as a feeling of trust in one’s ability, qualities and judgement, to be self confident is to be secure in yourself i.e believing in yourself…

Believing in yourself is not just important it is necessary! 

        When you believe in yourself, you feel limitless in what you can achieve, you don’t put blocks in front of you instead you keep the road of your life open to possibilities, instead of thinking you are just created with a predetermined set of qualities you believe that you can make a continuous effort to change and grow overtime. Instead of reacting to whatever life throws at you, you believe in yourself that you can pull through and have strength to move beyond the challenges and grow from the experience, when you believe in yourself you will work on changing your circumstances for the better. Self confidence is an attitude of winning, it is  the most valuable relationship of your life.

       When you are working hard everyday  to become the best version of yourself, you exude confidence and believe in your  tend to see the positive light of your life even when things aren’t going so well .


1.  It helps you to have a great self worth:the more self confidence you have, the more you value yourself and your capabilities and the more  you value yourself and your capabilities the more you become proud of yourself.You can never tell what you can do or the extent you can reach till you start believing in yourself.

2.  it gives you the freedom from self doubt:The more you become confident in yourself the more free you are from mental torture of doubting in yourself and questioning whether your are really valuable or capable of achieving things you want to achieve.

3.  You become free from fear and anxiety:Having  self confidence helps you to accept,handle,learn,gain and benefit from any situation or circumstance.just like when you are to make a public speech or about to write exams if you are not confident enough in yourself no matter how much you thing you know that particular thing you surely end up doing rubbish.

4. freedom from social anxiety :the more secure you feel in yourself worth regardless of how others see you, the less concerned you are with what others might think of you in social situations.we are in the world where frustration has taken over.Be you too slim, too fat, too short,too tall or you think you have any deformation or any disability, having that confidence in yourself will definitely secure you from so many critics but when you feel insecured and less of yourself the more room you give to them.

5. More peace of mind and less stress:The more confidence you feel about yourself the more you feel less stress of comparing yourself with others or trying to become or imitate someone else. The truth is that you are more than whosoever you think you want to imitate.Do not try to be a photocopy of someone else but rather strive to be a super original copy of yourself, no body can  ever  do it more better than you can, there is only one you in this world and these should even give you more reason to be more confident in yourself.

6. more motivation and energy to act: the more confident you are that you can achieve whatsoever you want to achieve, the more motivated and energized you are to take actions to achieve them. I do recall vividly when I wanted to open my blog I had so many discouragements from left and right, the most important thing that helped me out was for the fact that I believed in myself, I know I can do it.I pulled ahead regardless of what people were saying and that pushed me through,gave me more strength and motivation to achieve what I wanted to achieve…

  Having self confidence helps you  to become stronger and stronger over time,with everything you encounter and experience while Having low self esteem makes you feel more weaker and weaker.


          I can still remember back then when I was so much embedded by low self esteem,when I didn’t believe in myself I was having so much low confidence in myself I couldn’t set any goal because I was thinking that they are too big for me, I couldn’t speak in the mist of  my peers,i couldn’t achieve anything I was just hiding myself because I thought i had no ability to do anything.I sat down one day cried and then stood up and was determined to develop self confidence in myself I used the following  steps and they helped me out alot…

1.  think positively

2.  kill negative thoughts

3. Get to know yourself.know where your strength and weakness  lies and work on them.

4. get yourself prepared for anything at all you are about to do

5. know your principle and live by them.

6.  increase your competency

7. focus on solutions rather than wasting much time on the problems

8.  set goals and make sure you strive to achieve them.

9.  empower yourself with knowledge by research and studying

10.  do something you have been procrastinating on.

Written by Miracle Boniface

Miracle Boniface is a Fashion, beauty and a lifestyle blogger. A content curator and also a certified digital marketer.

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