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         We’re now on a new trend where low cut is super duper hot cake for ladies. Although some still sticks to say a capital NO to it.  Apparently  if am to rate out of 100%  out of all the ladies I think 70%  out of the 100 admire low cut a lot, even those that are not on low cut still do.

        A male friend of mine once told me “if you are my girl friend and now decide to be on low cut I will definitely break up with you” I was really shocked because he was damn serious with what he said. Though most guys hate seeing girls with low cut, that haven’t stop those who love being on low cut. Most  fathers will tell you “why do you what to go on low cut don’t you know it is for widows?”.

We are now in a civilized world that most of the traditions that existed doesn’t really matter to us again, youths now do things based on what is trending, once they find it gorgeous that is definitely a GO for them, if you like agree or disagree with it…

Yes! You can still be on low cut and look even more gorgeous!

      Ladies have so many reasons why they strongly decide to be on low cut,  it is not just an easy decision to make it is a very strong one due to the fact that you have to be 100% sure  if you really want to be on low cut or not in order for you not to make a decision you might regret.. I have a sister that since her life she have been on low cut till date,  when you ask her why she doesn’t like plaiting her hair she will always tell you “ I don’t have strength to  start making my hair, I don’t need any disturbance and wasting of money, I just want to be simple and I perfectly love myself the way I am” although some people end up shouting # WOW asking her,  sister does that mean you haven’t seen any gorgeous hairstyle that atleast makes you think about changing your mind? funny enough she always end up saying NO. It is her decision and her style which is now a part of her that she is  used to and is  comfortable with.

   Not withstanding, we are not saying that plaiting or growing of hair is a bad one, we know perfectly well that making of hair add and enhances a woman’s beauty but that doesn’t mean that being on low cut makes you ugly. I think men should just take a little chill pill and let a girl be if actually she wants to be on low cut.

    I will always tell  lady’s, that you saw someone on low cut Is not enough reason for you to make the decision of going  on low cut, you need to have a solid reason, don’t go on low cut because it looks good on someone else, have it in mind that you don’t have the same face structure neither do you have the same head structure with that person.

    As a skinny girl I asked a friend if low cut will look good on me and I got a very funny reply “she told me that I will look like a lizard with my tiny neck” # laughs very funny right? It is undeniable that it is not just every body that fits good being on low cut most especially skinny girls, low cut fits cubby girls more than it does on skinny girls.

I won’t forget to Mention “ THE NATURAL HAIR TREND” now almost everybody want to be on their natural hair and for you to achieve that you have to go on low cut and start growing your hair without relaxing it. Ladies  now want to be full African ladies by staying natural without relaxing their hair. It can be very difficult to keep a natural hair  if you are not treating the hair well, natural hair is always very difficult to comb and  maintain, that’s why it is advisable to always treat the hair  with the right hair products.

 Low cut can evenly give you the sexy look you need if only you rock it well!

Just like the pictures here, these ladies are looking gorgeous on low cut right? It doesn’t mean  they are irresponsible or they don’t have money to make their hair, they are on low cut because they choose to, it is their decision. sickness can equally be the reason for  someone to be on low cut but this  depends on the type of sickness. Sickness like cancer can actually lead the patient to barb her hair which is actually a reason beyond her control…

Whatsoever the reason might be, if you think you want to go on low cut of course you can!

Please  use the comment box to share with us the reason why you are on low cut…

We still want to know if being on low cut is Go or a total turn down for you.We want to hear your opinion…

#your beauty is our beauty

Written by Miracle Boniface

Miracle Boniface is a Fashion, beauty and a lifestyle blogger. A content curator and also a certified digital marketer.

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