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what it feels like to be a year older

Birthday is always a wonderful opportunity because many weren’t opportuned to see/witness theirs, that you are alive to witness yours, is not  by your own might but by the grace of the supreme being [GOD].

I am so grateful to God for making it possible for me to add a year to my age, i give all thanks to him.

Yesterday was my birthday,  i was unable to post because of the birthday busyness, i got so many text messages, calls, social media shout outs, surprises, Wow! It was awesome, the love i received was just so mind Blowing, I felt so emotional.

 I didn’t tell anyone about my birthday because i wanted  it to be on a lowkey, didn’t want much people to know about it, to my greatest surprise it was a bomb, like boom! boom! 12am at the dot i started receiving birthday calls, mehn! the love was just too much, it was really one the best if not actually the best birthday i ever had. To all my friends, family and well wishers that made yesterday  a big one for me, i truly appreciate, you guys are just the best and I love you all.

#thanks for making yesterday memorable for me, words can’t express how grateful i am.

 yesterday was really a day to sit down and think over and over again about my life, after the celebration phase so many things was just going through my mind, things like
 “Miracle today is your birthday hope you have things you accomplished / achieved to account for it? you are no longer getting any younger”.

  To me birthdays is not just for celebration, having fun, chilling out with friends and partying, it should also be a day for sober reflection, yes! You just added a year to your age, then what?! Have you looked back and think about what you have done or having been doing with your life for the past years? What have you achieved, accomplished and learnt these past years or you are still going to add another year of foolishness and wastefulness to your age? did you set goals you want to achieve before your next birthday? how about accomplishing atleast 50% -60% of your target.

   Adding 1+ signifies more responsibility, more resourcefulness, more knowledge, infact an addition in all positive attributes.  It even gets me scared that am getting more older am just like “jezz! Miracle you are really getting older, just one day you will get married and start combining work, bussiness, wifely duties, motherly duties and other petty petty duties together menh! am just scared” #laughs the truth is that the thought of this scares me to hell. I don’t even want to think about it atleast not now #winks.

  Birthdays should be a day to know what you have done so far and the things yet to be done, don’t waste yours just on celebrations , you don’t have to wait for  new year to come before setting your new goals, your birthday is actually a new year for you. Always live purposefully, don’t live a wasteful life, be an inspiration to others, try putting smiles on people’s face,it has its special feeling. Make your birthday count,  make your wishes and most importantly don’t forget to PRAY. Yesterday is gone, last years is gone you can never have them back, it is gone and gone forever, you only have today make it count for you.

To almighty God who have been my strong tower, even in my unfaithfulness he is always faithful, even in my unworthiness, he has always been there for me, even in my sinfulness he always forgives and still pours down his grace,love,mercy and blessing. I AM A PRODUCT OF GOD’S GRACE.

Thanks so much my wonderful readers

Written by Miracle Boniface

Miracle Boniface is a Fashion, beauty and a lifestyle blogger. A content curator and also a certified digital marketer.

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