Trending Hold in place Hair Accessories To Keep Your Hair Out Of The Way

Hold in place hair accessories


Having your hair all over your face can be distracting and uncomfortable. Let’s look at trending hair accessories to keep your hair out of the way. The popular hold in place hair Accessories.


Accessories serve many purposes to the hair. It could be used for beautification purposes(ornaments) and it could also be used to solve a problem.

Imagine styling your hair for several hours and the moment you’re out it’s all over your face, now that can be discomforting and distracting and can generally alter your look for the day.

People generally have different styles in mind when it comes to hairstyling, but they all agree on the fact that it should be kept simple and comforting to individuals. 

Your hairstyle draws attention to you and it shouldn’t be for the wrong reasons. Your hair gives enough details about the your personality, so people should stir at you for the right reasons and not because you find yourself fruitlessly pushing your hair out of your face.

You will be needing the following hold in place hair Accessories to give you the best look with no obstruction.



You can achieve a simple and flawless look with your headband. Your hair can be put in place with it also. Now, this is a trending accessory so you do not worry about feeling outdated. Your hair could be packed in a ponytail or it could be laid down nicely and neatly, whichever way the headband does the magic. Hair Bands come in different designs, to mention but a few we have; velvet headband, ponytail headband, turban headband, fabric headband, knitted headband, etc.




Hair clips

Hair clips are never out of fashion. They come in different designs, simple yet efficient hold in place hair accessories. A lot of styles come to your mind when it comes to styling your hair with hair clips. You can be greedy enough to have as many as you want on your hair. If you want to go for a bold look you could use bigger hair clips or clips with unique designs, like butterfly clips and the rest of them.

Styling your hair with clips, you could do a path in the middle or side and clip both ends with your clips. To further achieve a dazzling look a low neat bun could be done, this way your hair is out of your way while you slay.

hair clip



A scrunchy is used to achieve many sizzling trending hairstyles. They come in different designs, colors, and fabrics to suit your tastes. A scrunchy can be used to achieve a high ponytail, a low ponytail, a high bun, or a low bun. The benchmark here is to secure as much hair you can get with your scrunchy to avoid having hairs in your face. Some could be left out but not enough to be discomforting.




There’s no list of hair accessories without a headwarp being included. It has been trending for so long, from the 90s till date. Some religions promote the use of head wraps or scarves. Today it is generally used by anyone for fashion purposes. Headwarp come in different materials to choose from, ranging from the Ankara print which could be matched with your Ankara outfits, silk materials, and the rest of them. 

They could be used to tie a giant bow, an afro loop style, turbans, etc. 





If you’re not a fan of headbands or clips you could go for bandanas. Your silk scarves could be used as one also. Bandanas are also known as handkerchiefs, they can be used by both males and females. They come in different colors and designs. Bandanas could be used to achieve many trending looks, like bow ties, or tied like a scarf. Whichever way your hair is in place and secured.



Bobby pins

Bobby pins are different from hair clips in terms of their flexibility and structure but they can be recognized in the hair clip family, interestingly to note they all serve the same purpose; they help to hold a reasonable amount of hair down.

Bobby pins are of option if the individual doesn’t want to make a bold statement with her hair by adding all the colors of hair clips or trying to keep it simple as possible, instances like going for a board meeting then a bobby pin is good for this occasion

bobby pins



Claw clips/Jaw combs

Jaw combs also known as interlocking hair combs are hair accessories that could be used in place of a scrunchy or your regular hair rubber bands if you want to try something different. It can be used to secure a ponytail and other hairstyles as well. It comes in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. So you should get the one most suitable for your hair length.

hair claw clip



Elastic Rubber Bands

This is quite rampant and also affordable, unlike other hair accessories that might be quite expensive to purchase. Rubber bands have been in use for a long period, they have been rebranded to fit the present-day fashion era. They are often preferable because it is easy to use or manipulate, I mean you could use them to secure your bun and ponytail and you are good to go. It saves a good amount of time when styling your hair also, instead of struggling with a clip or trying to style your bandana, an elastic rubber band comes to the rescue. 

Elastic rubber bands come in different colors, designs, etc. An important thing to note when purchasing your elastic rubber bands, it is advisable you purchase rubber bands with fabrics on them because of the grip it has over your hair to avoid hair pull.

elastic rubber bands for hair



What Mickyglam says about hair accessories

 “A great hairstyle is the best accessory


It doesn’t matter the length, color, or texture of your hair, once you have a banging hairstyle you’re good to go.  You should never be carefree when going for a new look, fashion is all about taking risks, learn to explore the versatility of your hair with your accessories.

 A good hairstyle gives you confidence, it boosts your self-esteem in a good way therefore go for simple yet stunning hairstyles. Amongst all, keep it neat.



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