Top Trending Stylish Pams footwear in Nigeria Today

Trending footwears in Nigeria

When it comes to footwear in Nigeria, the Pam slippers have gradually become a culture. In this article we’ll be looking at the top trending ones.

A pride and a heritage to African culture and especially to Nigerians. You can see it almost everywhere you go, mostly on the feet of youths and teenagers. There are Pam footwears that outrank the rest in style, maturity and overall beauty. Check out the top trending stylish Pams in Nigeria today.

Of course new ideas, designs and materials play a key role in making those statements. Wear one, it might just be the best footwear for leggings, shorts, kaftan, Denim, and a lot of other wears.

Whenever you see a Pam with elegance that catches your fancy, know that careful work was put into it. From sewing and stitching with thread and needle to joining the leather with the base–not forgetting the shoemaker’s sweat and time. According to Aba shoemaker’s, Kano leather is the best.

Every Pam has its beauty–in the eyes of the beholder–and sense of pride it bestows on the owner. Whether it’s a casual men’s thick bottom or a double buck slide, they all give that taste. Nigerians always go for what ‘catches their eye’ and the Pam that speaks to them–I know I do–and this most times manifests in Pam’s durability, size, color, maturity and attractiveness.


Top Trending Stylish Pam Slippers Designs for Males and Females

Popular Pams in Nigeria today include, in no particular order:


Men’s casual thick bottom

As the name goes, the soles are thick and give a height advantage. It’s made of rubber, so you don’t have to worry about it getting spoiled by water or, rightly put, rain. If you ever wanted to feel that extra bounce in your step, you would want to check this out.

thick bottom slides


Men Rubber Slippers

These have definitely got to rank among the most worn Pams as seen on the Nigerian streets–simple yet classy. I guess the best thing about them is they’re not expensive.



Whether it’s a single-sole croc or a double-soled one, Crocs have one thing in common–uniqueness. These beauties look good in all weathers, defying both rain and sun to maintain their frame, and despite their look they aren’t even heavy. You also don’t have to worry about friction when walking and you enjoy the cosy feeling with that bounce to your walk. To top it all, they last long.

Crocs footwear
Crocs slides



Men Cross Leather Slippers

This Pam screams maturity. Some have brown soles, still with black leather. The synergy coupled with a native attire and ankara is unmatched—just make sure it doesn’t get wet a lot.

cross leather slippers


Birkenstock (Birkens)

These carry a certain regality to them, the Birkenstock sole. And it’s not just because they are new to the Nigerian market, they are gradually gaining popularity on the streets.

Of course, there are varieties of colours to this footwear, and the new designs only go so far to show us the brilliance and talent of Nigerians in their craft.

birckenstock slippers


birckenstock double strap slides


Suede Pam Slippers

Another mature footwear which fits perfectly with native wears, and if you wish, with regular polo and jeans. It requires great care and maintenance though, you would have to be really skilled at dodging dusty areas and pray you don’t get stepped on.

seude slippers


seude slides


seude slippers


Half cover shoe

Front view, shoe. Back view, Pam. This is a remarkable evolution of the Pam slippers. Whether it is with a short, Jean, plain trouser or a native wear, you can never go wrong with these on. So if you don’t mind having eyes glued to your direction—and billing—even if just for a few seconds, you can check these babies out. 

half shoe


half cover shoe


Multicolor Leather Pam slippers

These come in colours from the strap to the soles. The predominant feature are soles covered on the side and inside with the same material as the strap. This gives it a more uniform look down to the soles, and most of all comfort and friction for sweaty feets. Mind you, this is not a fan of water or dust because cleaning will become difficult.


Ladies leather slippers

Nice looking, stylish with an air of maturity. Show off your extra glam as you rock these around.

ladies leather slippers


Female glitter leather slippers:

The regular leather slippers, but with an extra fling, glitters! Most ladies will agree to being fans of the spotlight; and what better way to show that shine, than with these beauties.


Lero Vinyl sslipper

These show off you beautiful feet without complications. Ladies, if you wanted comfy and classy, you just got it. Walk with elegance without even trying.

Lero Vinyl slippers
Lero Vinyl and leather slippers


These are just a few among the many popular Pams trending in Nigeria today. When it comes to fashion, most Nigerians know that nothing should be left out. Pam slippers making has become a very lucrative business over the years, as some of our Aba brothers would agree, and rightly so Pams are becoming more popular than shoes in Nigeria.

The Pam making craft also takes entrepreneurship to a new level; providing jobs for graduates,undergraduates, youths, men and women alike.  


Pams slippers and the Nigerian market, What’s next?

It’s normal for every successful or promising business to have challenges or flaws. Pam slippers making–especially in the Nigerian market– is no different. Sometimes a cobbler puts his time and energy into a creative piece, only for it to be overlooked or looked down on because it’s not ‘foreign made,’ or carrying a foreign brand logo like Nike or Louis Vuitton. 

Fortunately, branding the Pams with foreign logos fixes the problem. Nigerian Pams are growing rapidly in quality and quantity, and people are starting to notice. Not just Nigerians, but the world at large. The leather shoes manufacturing company in the market town of Aba, Abia state boasts of customers from all over the continent–Ghana, Cameroon, Togo, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea, Congo–who come to buy for resale. It’s things like this that motivates the Craftsmen and helps push the leather making industry in Nigeria to new heights.

Now I  don’t know about anyone else, but Pam slippers making and leather manufacturing is definitely the next big thing to hit the Nigerian market.


Written by Daniel Kalu

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