TOP 10 BEST FASHION LABELS IN AFRICA- (get to know the African fashion labels better)

TOP 10 BEST FASHION LABELS IN AFRICA- (get to know the African fashion labels better)

top 10 fashion labels in Africa

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Today we would be promoting products and labels owned and produced by Africans. Kindly stay tuned with us as we introduce them to you. 


When it comes to cultural diversity and designs that are rich in colors African fashion industry always stands out including Traditional handicrafts that are never fading filled with creativity and sophistication. 

These brands we are to promote has in time proved to be outstanding and have exhibited cross-cultural composition in their designs. These people/brands have revised Africa traditions matching it with contemporary designs. The mixture of modern with traditional designs gives them a lead in the international industry. 

Below is the list of outstanding African based fashion labels: 

Buki Akomolafe

top 10 african fashion label

The Berlin-based fashion designer Buki Akomolafe has a magnificent way of merging her German/Nigerian roots into fashion. Her combination of German and Nigerian cultures into fashion high-sophisticated clothing for both men and women is trilling. The sweet mix of flashy colors and art makes her label outstanding. Not every designer knows how to make good use of flashy colors without it looking odd or color riot.

Buki knows how to play with colors, that’s one of her unique skills in the fashion industry. Buki uses eco-materials which are locally made (hand made). Some of these eco-materials include “African wax print, certified cotton, and organic hemp-silk”. It is rare to see top fashion designers producing locally hand made designs, which is what makes Buki a Pro in the industry. You can check her website out to see some of her beautiful works (designs). There are so many gorgeous items that are up for grab in her store. 


Instagram: @bukiakomolafe


top 10 fashion labels in Africa

The mixture of native artisanal tradition makes mayamiko an interesting fashion designer. The fact that she uses printed fabrics from Africa makes her work also outstanding and highly special. All her designs and accessories including jewelry are never out of season meaning it can be worn all year round. Mayamiko is not just a designer but also a philanthropist who nurtures women who are not financially stable (I.e poor women in her community Malawi). She lifts them from poverty by training and building up their talents in the fashion industry and giving them a solid base and foundation. These talented groomed women create wonderful designs, one of their best selling designs was named after one of them “Chifundo maxi dress”.

Mayamiko doesn’t just stop at helping women who are not financially stable in Malawi but also they turn their old fabrics into recyclable sanitary pads. These recyclable pads are being shared with females in the community so that they can have a very healthy menstrual life. This has helped so many girls in living a healthy life without fear of incurring any infection due to an unhealthy menstrual life. During Ellen’s show Emma Watson, who happens to be one of the big supporters of the Mayamiko labels was seen rocking his elegant design from Mayamiko. You can equally check their website out to see some of the designs and artworks. 


Instagram: @mayamikodesigned

Osei Duro

top 10 fashion labels in Africa

If you are looking for a textile producer that turns textiles into stylish modern designs then Osei-Duro is the right plug for you. Osei-Duro has a great talent and is super creative in producing high-quality textiles for stylish designs. These designs are distributed all over the world, both in Peru, Ghana, India including Africa as a whole. They use traditional methods and tactics in hand-dying their textiles. Some of these techniques Include wood carving, block-printing, hand painting, west African batik, botanical dyeing and so much more.

Osei-Duro labels believe so much in teamwork which Is why they work with fine artists, traditional artisans, and designers to put their hands together in creating excellent designs. You can equally check their website and their Instagram account out to see some of their creative works. 


Instagram: @oseiduro


top 10 fashion labels in Africa

Celebrities all over the world have an eye for Tongoro, Beyonce to be provided loves everything that has to do with Tongoro that is why most of her music videos you see her wearing them. Tongoro is 100% entirely made in African fashion labels. Bringing back the beauty of the 70s fashion prints and matching it with a highly classy Afro-hot-chic design is unbelievable and sweet. Tongoro is a Dakar, several based fashion label, that brings out the beauty of Africa and adores the cultural heritage in their designs. Bringing back the so-called old fashion and making it look so contemporary and chic Is what makes this fashion label outstanding in the fashion industry. You can as well check their website and handle to check out some of their beautiful designs. 


Instagram: @tongorostudioS


top 10 fashion labels in Africa

Liya Kebede is a very successful model who has starred in so many prestigious fashion magazine covers. Liya is from Ethiopia, aside from modeling for agencies and fashion industries she is the founder and owner of the lemlem label which is globally recognized in the fashion world/industry. Being a philanthropist she advocates for mental health. Lemlem label offers clothing goodies to both men, women, and children, she doesn’t provide just clothes but also jewelry. Some craft women in Africa showcase their traditional hand-weaved designs which lemlem helps them in bringing their craft to light for everyone to see their products.

There has been so much help to women surrounding her. Just like I do add the website and Instagram handles of other fashion labels, this label won’t be exempted, so kindly check them out using these details:


Instagram: @lemlemofficial

Akoma 1260

top 10 fashion labels in Africa

Another fashion label that creates magic using handmade African fabrics is Akoma 1260. This label used traditional hand made fabrics in crafting sophisticated ready-to-wear designs(clothes). It might sound unreal to you that some designers can create beautiful, elegant, and classy ready-to-wear designs by just making use of traditional fabrics and not contemporary ones. The Akoma 1260 label is based in Colombia and also in Ghana, but their designs are also distributed worldwide. The founder of this label is Stephanie and her focus is on designed and tailored outing clothes for women with a huge touch of the modern twist to spice up the classiness. She is always pushing forward to make sure that Africa’s heritage and culture will be preserved in her designs. 

You can also check her up using these details below:


Instagram: @akoma1260

Other notable labels that cannot be ignored include:

Arraei Collective

Studio 189



You can read more about this using this; information source


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