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How to match African print accessories and your outfit

African print accessories

The Ankara fabric has gradually made its mark in everyday African fashion. From just fabrics sewn into clothes, it has gone beyond that to every sphere of looking good. The African print or Ankara fabric now trends in the world of clothing accessories. From bags, shoes, necklaces, bracelets, to so many other clothing accessories we use to complement our everyday outfit. One notable thing about African print fabric is its patterns. And these patterns do not come as black and white, but blooms as multicoloured outlines printed on a different colour palette. What I am saying is that African print fabric is always a multicolour fabric. And except in the case of the rainbow, not all colours are beautiful together. So now, for a fabric that already has a mix of colours, how do you wear it as an accessory without conflicting your outfit?


“People don’t understand that accessories can make or mar your whole outfit. Like you can wear a bomb ass dress, but with the wrong necklace, oh Lord!. You can actually make a gown of 500 look like a gown of 5000 just by the way you accessorize it, from your hair, to your necklace, to your earrings, to everything.”

– Becca Ray Aiyekare

(Owner of Ray’s Crochet)


The main reason we wear accessories is to improve whatever we are putting on. A way of filling in the remaining gap not filled up by the outfit we are putting on. You don’t want the accessories you put on to outshine your dress and become the centre of attention. No, it doesn’t work that way. You are the centre of attention, every other thing should be in the background a bit, improving your looks.

Ankara accessories


Choosing what accessory works best for your outfit can be a difficult task or an easy one if you know what you are doing.

Two basic things you should know about choosing the right accessories. A perfect accessory complements your outfit and completes your look.


How to match African print fabric (Ankara) accessories with your outfit

It is one thing to match your multicoloured outfit with plain coloured accessories. But doing the reverse of matching multicoloured accessories with your outfit is a different ball game. One way of getting this right is to accessorize your dress colour, and below are some of the ways you can do that.


Matching with your dress

The easiest way of matching anything is to match colours, and accessories do not fall far from the tree. Choose an accessory that has the same colour as the colour of your dress. You see green, you pick green. Or if you see blue, you pick blue. Doesn’t matter if it is sky blue, navy blue or other shades of blue, so long as it’s in the same family of blue, you are good to go. Now what this does is give you a look of harmony as everything blends and balances from your outfit to your bag, bracelet, or whatever African print accessories you are rocking.

So does it compliment your outfit? Yes. African prints always have colours that complement each other. So if one of the colours in the accessory matches the colour of your outfit, then the remaining colours of the African print accessory will compliment your outfit.

Does it complete your look? Yes too. An accessory that compliments your out is completing the overall look also.

Ankara accessories
See bag on @bybimz



For patterned dresses or solid colour outfits with colour details, wear an African print accessory that contains a colour that matches the colour of the detail on the outfit. Because there is more than one colour you can match with. For a white dress with blue flowers, for instance, African print accessories containing blue colour in their patterns will be a great match.

Ankara accessories
Credit: @_thoche 


For a solid colour dress, wear an African print accessory that contains a colour that compliments the colour of the dress rather than matching the same colour for the same colour.

Check out this article on colour combination tips to know how well to combine different colours.

Ankara accessories
Seen on @ankaraworld_


Ankara accessories
Credit: Afrilege




Wear African print accessories with neutrals. African prints come in no less than two colours, some three, and some can have up to four different colours in them. With patterns and this many colours, a lot is going on already and you do not want to go past that. You might end up looking like a clown. Accessorizing neutral coloured outfit with African print accessories is the surest match. This way, there is no conflict going on with the dress and the accessories.

Ankara accessories
See Jumobi bag on @_al_pha


Wear jeans and accessorize them with African print accessories. The denim fabric tends to match any African print fabric perfectly. So if you decide to go all jeans, just throw in your African print accessories and you are good to go.

For illustration purposes, check out this article on Ankara and jeans combination.


Matching your African print accessories to each other

Good thing, you know now how to match your African print accessories to your outfit. But it is a common practice to compliment your outfit with more than one accessory. So while you match your accessories to your outfit, for the perfect look, also match the accessories with each other. There are two ways of doing this:


  • You can match African print accessories that have the same base colour or colour theme. Or you can also choose ones that have colours that complement each other. This makes it


  • Use African print or Ankara fabric accessories that have the same pattern. You can match two different Ankara fabric with the same pattern but different colours.

Learn more on how to combine African print fabrics.

Ankara accessories
Seen on @ankaraworld_


Can you wear Ankara accessories with Ankara outfit?

Yes, you can rock your Ankara accessories with your Ankara outfit. Mix-matching Ankara fabrics is not just a trend, but also a thing of beauty when done properly. 

Check how to mix-match Ankara fabrics to know how to do it properly.



So, ready, 

  • choose your outfit,
  • Match an accessory to it,
  • Match your accessories to each other,

And you are good to go!

Do well to remember and check other articles on our website, you never know, it might be what you just need for your next outfit.



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