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(Africa fashion industry

The world of fashion is evolving so fast with new fashion trends. The African fashion industry is not EXCLUSIVE FASHION INSPIRAT)ION BY TOKE MAKINWA- (Africa fashion industryleft out in these trends as designers are trying their best to catch up. 

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The African fashion industryThe African fashion industry African fashion industry

So many fashion brands have been in place in the African fashion industry. Nevertheless, the beauty of every design lies in creativity and innovation. Your fashion designs have to be unique in their proper form to stand out. When we talk about the fashion industry, so many people might think it is just constrained to only dresses. The fashion industry consists of so many things that have to do with fashion. Shoes, bags, cloth designs, jewelry, beauty products, etc. all belong to the fashion industry.

 African fashion industry African fashion industryAbout toke makinwa

The road down the fashion world goes through a glamorous path, and it takes a gifted mind to go through it. Trying to catch up with the ever-changing waves of the world’s desire can be tiring and stressful. Nevertheless, change is a content thing, and you have to adapt whenever it occurs. 

About toke makinwa About toke makinwa About toke makinwa

To venture into the long journey of fashion experience, one needs to have an open mind. 

In this post, most of the images we are using are from Toke Makinwa. 

About toke makinwa About toke makinwa About toke makinwa

Toke Makiwa is a fashion icon, a radio personality, a V blogger, and also an entrepreneur. She is known for her killer sense in the fashion world, especially Nigeria. Additionally, she owns a beauty cosmetics brand called Glow by ™, which started in 2018. 

In Nigeria, Toke is a role model for many when it comes to fashion. Her outfit combinations are mind-blowing. Also, her shape is a killer, although it is being noted that it is artificial as she did plastic surgery for hips. 

lovely gown styleslovely gown styleslovely gown styles

In addition to her many achievements, she also has a handbag fashion line called TOKE MAKINWA LUXURY. She is also a brand influencer. 

We would share some of the essential steps for you to stand out in the fashion industry. 

Be creative, unique, and authentic with your designs 

For you to stand out, you don’t have to be doing the same thing every other person is doing. Although you need to adjust and follow any new fashion trend, learn to add a beautiful twist to yours. You don’t need to do 100% copy of whichever trends; know how to be creative in an attractive way. Be careful to go to the extreme even as you are creative. Adding a beautiful twist to any new fashion trends attracts clients to you. 

lovely gown styles

Promote your brand

Be shameless in promoting your brand. Both online and offline, you need to put your brand out there for people to see. Ask for reviews from your clients. Reviews go a long way and help in attracting new customers to use. Review strategy is one of the effective methods in the business world, more especially the fashion industry. 

Also, look out for influencers to promote your brand. Influencers are people who have active followers on social media. Endeavor to look for fashion icons and influencers. People who have great taste when it comes to fashion have a powerful way of influencing others. 

lovely gown styleslovely gown styles

Be open-minded and always ready to learn new things 

Learning never ends, so have an open mind to learn new things all the time. Be vigilant in finding out recent trends. Don’t feel too big to ask for people who know better than you to teach you. Don’t be too stagnant and comfortable with the little things you know about; strive to learn more each day! 

Feel free to add any steps that have helped you in the fashion industry. Drop your suggestion and questions in the comment section.  

lovely gown styles

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