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Walking into a venue in a perfectly fitting dress will sure turn heads and attract attention towards you. But not much when everyone else is also in their perfectly fitting dresses. To stand out, you need the right clothing colour combination that set you apart. But mind you, you do not want to be the centre of attention for a topic of jest. But rather the one that keeps wishing and wanting to wear you.

So knowing what to wear is a very important day to day choice we make. But it does not just stop at the choice of what piece of clothing to wear to what event and at what time. Knowing the right clothing colour combination is a very important piece of knowledge if you want to look classy and stand out always.

So, what colours look beautiful on which? What colours compliment which? Before we dive into the list of clothing colour combination tips. Let us start from the very foundation of colour combination; the colour wheel.


The colour wheel for clothing colour mixing 

If you are not familiar with the phrase, colour wheel. It is basically a circle showing the relationship between colours. How colours gradually transit or fade into the next colour. Having a good knowledge of this comes in very handy when it comes to picking colours that blend together.

Below is an image of what a colour wheel looks like.

colour wheel chart
colour wheel chart



The colours on the colour wheel chart can be grouped or chosen based on the following:

  • Neutral colours: These are colours that do not appear on the colour wheel chart. They appear to be without colour (like a faded colour or fading colour). Mostly, they serve as a base or background upon which other colour combinations can be built upon. They include the popular, black, white, grey and sometimes brown. Metallic colours like Gold, Silver, Copper and Bronze. And even very dark shades of Red and Blue. They tend to compliment every other colour, as they themselves do not attract much attention in comparison with bright colours.neutral colours
  • Complementary colours (or contrasting colours): These are colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel chart. Basically, what this means is that if we were to mix two complementary colour pigments together; we would have either white, black or a greyscale between white and black. Colour combination pairs like Blue and Orange, and Red and Green falls under this category.

    colour wheel chart showing complementary colours
    Complementary colours on the colour wheel chart
  • Analogous colours: Looking closely at the colour wheel, you will observe that some colours look very similar. Except for a variation of pigments as you move to the left or right of the colour wheel. Such colours are referred to as analogous colours: colours that are found next to each other on the colour wheel chart.
  • Primary colours: These colours are mixed to get other colours. They cannot be gotten from other colours. Blue, Red and Green are the only three primary colours.




So now that you have a basic knowledge of the colour wheel chart, let us move to how to combine these colours.

How to mix and match colours in clothing

When mixing colours, a wrong move can turn a perfectly fitted outfit into a boring, bland, foolish and unattractive sight. Trust me, you do not want to be on the wrong side of attention.

Mixing colours can be achieved in different ways, depending on what category of colours you decided to choose from the colour wheel chart.

  1. Monochromatic: This is a blend of a single colour, but in different shade and tones. This is a very good choice when going for a single colour but you do not want to look boring.
    yellow monochromatic clothing  colour combination
    Toke dressed in a yellow monochrome clothing colour combination
    picture showing brown monochrome outfit colour combination
    Tokemakinwa on a brown monochrome outfit.


  2. Wear analogous colours. colours that sit near or next to each other on the colour wheel chart. A perfect example of this is a clothing combination of green and blue colours.
  3. Oluwatosan-Green-and-blue-Analogous
    Green on Blue analogous clothing colour combination.
    denolagrey-analogous clothing colour combination
    denolagrey-analogous clothing colour combination.


  4. Wear contrasting or complementary colours. Colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel chart. Wearing complementary colours is what is referred to as Colour Blocking. Orange on dark blue is a perfect example of a contrasting colour outfit.
    toke makinwa blue and orange complementary colour combination
    Blue and orange complementary clothing colour combination.


  5. For patterned clothing, look out for the dominant colour. That is the one you should focus on when seeking to combine with another colour.
  6. Combine neutrals with any other colour.
  7. When choosing colours that do not include a neutral colour. It is advisable to choose one of a darker tone and tint and the other of a lighter tone and tint. Orange on dark Blue looks better than Orange on Blue.
  8. You can wear monochromatic and analogous colour combinations.


You can check out some of the simple colour combinations at the just concluded Headies 2021 outfits.


Colour matching clothes app

It is not a new thing that we are in a time where virtual realities and simulations are gradually gaining attention. So you can actually try out these colour combinations from the comfort of your mobile phone to see what actually works best for you. Below is a list of mobile apps that can help you experiment with the colour combination when it comes to clothing.

  1. Ask hue: is an IOS app that helps you achieve a good clothing combination easily. You can take pictures of clothing and find colours that coordinate. Take pictures of an entire outfit or separate pieces of it and see how well they match. Download for IOS.
  2. Outfit colour selection: This is a mobile app that helps you experiment and select different clothing colour combination for different outfits before buying. Download for Android.
  3. Matchee match clothes colour: Matchee helps you match your clothes colours. Detect colours with your camera with multiple matching algorithms. Save your palettes and try different clothes designed by designers around the world. Download for IOS.


















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