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Casual vs formal wears (fashion inspired)

    Clothes generally is a
collective term for garments, items worn on the body. clothings can be made of
textiles, animal skin,or other sheet of materials put together. The wearing of
clothing is mostly restricted to human beings and is feature of nearly all
human societies. Today we will be emphasizing more on formal and casual wears

Formal dress is likely
costly and may have a more restrictive retail return policy due to the nature
of the garment’s craftsmanship. Extra features like bead work and complex
draping Clothes cause women’s evening wear to be significantly more expensive
to manufacture than regular, day-to-day clothing.
Formal wear is a mark
of sophistication and status. If an event is formal in nature, it usually costs
a lot to attend or throw, so expensive clothing is expected. Formal dress also
plays a significant part in a woman’s life. Think of the prom dress, the Quinceareana
gown or a wedding dress. Formal dress marks several distinctive moments in a
woman’s life and allows her to express her most feminine, decorous self. 
Alternative Formal
Dress Fashion

There have always been
people who push the fashion envelope, and formal wear is no exception. Due to
the influences of popular culture, formal wear has passed the boundary of the
gown and dress. Now a cocktail dress might be worn with combat boots, or a lady
might wear a tapered, cinched-in tuxedo instead of a gown. Prom dresses, at one
time floor or ankle length for most, now stop several inches above the knee.
Alternative formal
dress works, but the wearer has to be confident and gauge the appropriateness
of the apparel with the gravity of the moment. No matter how trendy, a lady’s
tux isn’t going to work when being presented at High Court, so pick your
zeitgeist moments carefully.

Formal dress is
usually expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. If the cost of dressing up is too
high, there are now services that will rent out a pretty outfit at a reduced
cost. For those who are extremely poor, there are charities that donate gently
used prom and formal dresses to ladies and girls in need. Don’t forget to shop
in low-cost stores either. If you’re patient, the local thrift and consignment
shop may yield some surprises for a diligent searcher.
times we barely know the real differentiation between a formal and a casual

Casual wear refers to
the clothes we use for everyday wear. This style emphasizes on comfort,
relaxation, and informality. It includes a wide range of clothes and styles.
Casual dressing gives first place to personal expression and comfort over
formality and conformity.
Tee-shirts (polo
shirts, turtlenecks, etc.), jeans, jackets, khakis, hoodies, summer dresses,
skirts, sneakers, loafers and sandals are examples for casual wear. Sportswear,
clothes worn for manual labour also falls under casual wear. It can be worn
when you are going on trips, shopping, and casual outings with friends. This
style is also worn by high school and college students unless the schools don’t
have a specific uniform. Casual wear is usually made from materials such as
cotton, jersey, denim, polyester and flannel. Casual wear is not made from
expensive and dressy materials such as chiffon, brocade, and velvet. Casual
wear should not be worn for ceremonial events, parties, weddings and other
formal events, business meetings or to work (in offices).
Formal wear refers to
clothing that is suitable for formal events such as ceremonial events,
weddings, balls, formal dinners, etc. Formal wear is nowadays mostly worn at
formal dances, high school prom dances, and entertainment industry award
Although most people
associate black tie with formal wear, the satirically proper dress code for
formal wear is white tie for evening and morning dress for daytime. Women are
supposed to wear ball gowns or formal evening (floor length) gowns. Uniforms such
as formal military uniforms, law court dress, academic and graduate dress are
also considered as formal wear.
Formal Wear is
personalised with luxurious selections of waistcoats and tie combinations that
reflect the individuality of the wearer. They are designed to complement your
choice of formal wear worn with a necktie, bow tie or Fat boy tie.
If you are wearing a
waistcoat for day wear, the bottom button on a waistcoat should always be left
undone, but on a very formal white tie evening waistcoat, all buttons should be
done up.
No matter what the
occasion, a cummerbund and waistcoat should never be worn together.
When wearing a
ready-made bow tie or cravat with a wing collar shirt, make sure that the clasp
is hidden under the collar of the jacket. Most bow ties come pre-tied; however
the self-tied option demonstrates a man of competency and superior style.
Shirts should be
French cuffed (double cuffs) with cufflinks. Shoes must be black leather and
well polished. Socks should be black. Accessories should be carefully chosen
and well fitted. Trevor West in South Yarra provide a consultation and
measuring service.
A vast range of formal
wear accessories are available for sale or hire at the Trevor West South Yarra
store. You may wish to purchase a shirt or accessories if you plan on wearing
to several occasions.
Casual vs Formal
Casual is everyday
Formal wear is worn
for formal events.
Casual wear is worn
for informal and relaxed occasions such as trips, shopping, meeting friends,
Formal wear is worn
for formal events such as ceremonial events, weddings, state dinners, etc.
Casual wear includes
jeans, tee-shirts, skirts, summer dresses, hoodies, etc.
Formal wear includes
dress shirts, dress coats, ties, trousers, long evening gowns, etc.
Sneakers, loafers,
slippers, and sandals are worn for casual wear.
High-quality shoes are
worn for formal wear.
Materials such as
cotton, jersey, denim, polyester and flannel are used to make casual wear
Materials such as
satin, velvet, silk, brocade, etc. are used to make formal wear clothing.
Casual wear will make
you feel comfortable and relaxed.
Formal wear can make you
feel confined and uncomfortable.

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