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     To all my readers I must say you guys have been really awesome, always visiting the blog, sending email messages, comments and most especially subscribing with us… you guys are wonderful and am truly grateful because it wouldn’t have been possible without you. Our promise is that we will never stop giving you guys the best.

        This weekend we will be showing you guys lovely braid styles.

     Braids have been recorded as one of the top hairstyle which is totally impeccable and gorgeous it equally doesn’t select head shape and hair type . it has also been a source of help to people that doesn’t have front hair of course depending on the type of braid style you want to plait. Braids gives you the opportunity to style your hair differently as much as you want making it look more gorgeous everyday and give you a nice different look altogether, it brings out your face very well just like my friend will say “it brings out the real you in you” #laughs…
   Thinking of hairstyle to make that will last longer for you? Definitely you should go for braids because the last longer than you could ever imagine. I can vividly remember when I braided my hair and I carried it up to 2 months and the hair was still looking smooth and beautiful I never even wanted to loose the hair but of course I still had to, my roommate even carried her own braid for almost 3 months funny enough the hair was still looking smooth (all these depends on the person that is plaiting the hair for you, that’s why it is very important to go to a good hairstylist to make the hair for you)


We call this pick and drop style which equally helps in hair growth, when styled very well it makes it look more like a weavon. It looks very beautiful when the hair is full and not scanty, the more tinier the more gorgeous it looks. Avoid pulling the tip tightly when styling the hair in order not to damage your front hair, style with  total caution so not to cause Damage

This is a normal one-by-one braid. You can decide to style it or better still spread it out depending on the look you want. Some love big braid while others love making tiny braids. Big braids looks more beautiful but if you are till growing your hair it is advisable to go for tiny braids, it will last more, low hair might not be able to hold big braids for long…

Tiny tight weaved braid with beads
This braid style is really trending as it stands now and really look so gorgeous and lovely, fits both slim and bold faces but for people who doesn’t have front hair it is highly important to meet someone who is an expert in weaving in order to know how to plait the hair for you to avoid damaging your hair entirely, I will advise to skip the front hair side a little bit and then blend it in with edge control it is more safer for you than starting from the front hair to plait.
This is a big weaved braid it has varieties of styles, you can probably prefer making only 7 piece , 2, 4 or 6 demanding on the one you want. You can equally use any colour of attachment it is just a matter of choice, the most important thing is to use the color which brings out the true beauty in you.
Recently colored attachments like red, yellow, blue, green, purple, et al has taken over, and I do get questions from people if it is right to use those colorful attachments to plait their hair and I will always say, “it depends on what you want, your choice is the only thing that matters whether purple, green or black once your heart is telling you that there is nothing wrong with it, then it is not a bad one “  choose with caution do not put on something that will end up making you look so irresponsible. Your outlook speaks more about you, some girls do say I need a guy that will love me from the inside not just the outward look, sister to be honest with you it is the outside look that will take him to the inside.
Do what so ever that makes you happy and gives you satisfaction it is your life, live it to the fullest…

Written by Miracle Boniface

Miracle Boniface is a Fashion, beauty and a lifestyle blogger. A content curator and also a certified digital marketer.


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