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      It is a wonderful day , a great time to grab new opportunities, embrace the new glow of life, to open your mind to new possibilities and also to be the controller of your happiness…

   Your happiness should be your business do not try to shift or transfer  the responsibility to someone else, it is a choice which you are to make do not allow  someone else do that for you.

          Ever been in a situation where you are into someone so deeply that it now looks as if you can’t be happy without him/her, funny enough have been in such situation and I can tell you it is just a wasteful and a painful feeling. You end up feeling lonely and empty,  not until you get off that hook and break out of that chain you can never have the ability to  be in control of your happiness.

      Still can’t deny the fact that we all have that special someone that makes us so happy which in turn makes us feel blessed that they are in our lives. Just know this ,it should have its own limit. Find things that makes you happy , anchor on hobbies that drives your happiness, something you can possibly run to whenever you are unhappy.

      Just like myself,i love taking pictures , going to new places, reaching out to people and also fashion they give me almost maximum satisfaction.

You are the owner of your happiness, make your life your own. What people think about you doesn’t really matter it is their business which is left for them to deal with, it is only what you think about yourself that matters.

     I choose to be happy and no body can take that away from me!

STYLE: My love for simple looks/wears is so
endless, it makes me feel more free and of course
 confident. Just like today I decided to abandon my make up kit and flaunt my natural looks ,still looking great right?  for me I think so. Matching it up with my jean trouser, my sleeveless white top, white jacket of course with one of my favorite color, brown belt and  a brown sandal. The Jean’s looking a little bit of a crazy jeans (wanna go a little bit crazy today #laughs).

So how do you see the combination, looking great right? You can equally try it out it won’t cost you much…

Most importantly know that you are very beautiful and unique don’t let anyone tell you or make you feel otherwise.

Thank  you, my wonderful and unique readers still coming up with more great and spicy content

Micky πŸ’“

Written by Miracle Boniface

Miracle Boniface is a Fashion, beauty and a lifestyle blogger. A content curator and also a certified digital marketer.


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