BEST STYLISH OUTFITS (Made in Africa fashion products)

Best stylish outfits (Made in Africa fashion products)

best stylish outfits

Hey, lovelies! 

Welcome to mickyglam, a platform where African Fashion products are being promoted and showcased. 

Today we’ll be featuring some of the fashion publishing gurus including their photo stylings.



Style Me Africa is a black-owned fashion, beauty, and lifestyle digital industry that helps its audience to attain their best African inspired life via Fashion. StylemeAfrica promotes and also showcases some of the beautiful master crafts produced by Africa fashion designers as well as showcasing its models. You can visit stylemeAfrica


DSGN  is also a black-owned fashion store and clothing brand. This brand promotes the Africans’ industry by it’s unique production of made in Africa fashion apparels.  


This is a black-owned fashion house where Africa made beautiful apparels are been promoted and sold. She also specializes in uniquely designed wedding apparel and classy wears. Chidinmaobairi is also a fashion model, who uses her beauty to promote the Africa Fashion industry.


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In recent times, the African fashion industry has not just dipped its toes but fully plunged into the world’s fashion scene.

Africa has always tapped into the world trends. when it comes to fashion, African fashion designers happen to be very creative with their unique designs. The fashion world can never be complete without Africans in it. The introduction of Ankara print is a trademark that we are on track in creativity and cultural heritage. 

Additionally, Africa has so many wonderful and creative fashion designers who know the power of quality designs. Some prominent African fashion designers have represented excellently in the global fashion industry. Africans have all it takes to be at the forefront, but most times we think we are not equal to others, we think less of ourselves. 

Unfortunately, some of the classic and uniquely designed apparels and foot wears made in Africa has not fully gained its visibility. We have so many creative prospects in the Africa fashion industry but the problem is, who will bring them to the limelight. 

Which is one of the major solutions Mickyglam is being designed to solve… 

MICKYGLAM digital platform will focus on:

  • Enabling creative designers in Africa fashion industry to submit their products for promotion (this includes both apparels, foot wears and any fashion product made in Africa) 
  • Encouraging upcoming designers by bringing their little efforts to limelight and also merging them to already existing industry for mentorship. 
  • Helping small scale and local designers gain visibility. 
  • Promoting brands and enabling them to sell their products on our digital store platform. 
  • valorize local content and workmanship while embracing industrialization In order to develop the African textile and garment industry. 
  • connect and strengthen each link in the chain, from producers and suppliers of primary materials to manufacturers and distributors, and of course, investors. 

As a plus, Mickyglam also displays beauty hacks, DIY fashion hacks, celebrity fashion gists, African fashion trends and a store of fashion galleries for your viewing and styling pleasure.

To promote your fashion products and designs on our website, kindly forward  your products to our email

For now we are running free adverts for our audience and followers provided your products are made in Africa.

Don’t forget to let your friends who are into the fashion industry to know about this opportunity, for more inquiries or questions please kindly drop them in the comment section.

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Written by Mickyglam


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