Best Shirt and Tie Combination Tips for Men

shirt and tie combination

Best Shirt and Tie Combination Tips for Men

For those who live in the world of suits, shirts and ties on an almost daily basis, and even those who adorn themselves in a popular trio or duo of men’s clothing in a once in a while manner, sticking to simple outfit norms becomes boring with time. If you are seeking ways to keep looking trendy and continuously stand out as a man, the key lies in your shirt and tie game.

Choosing the right outfit is all good but the little accessory like the tie we add to it can be a major game-changer. Think of what a nice icing blend does to a cake. So appealing to the eyes right? That’s exactly what your tie does as an accessory to your outfit.  But it does not end at putting one around your neck, but rather putting the right one around your neck, as the tie choice is where you inject a dose of your personality into your outfit. For the best shirt and tie combination, you have to consider factors like colour, pattern and size/length.shirt and tie combination


Choosing the right shirt and tie colours

The tie as an important piece of fabric can be a game-changer if you are one of those that always want to stand out. To stand out, your tie also has to stand out from the rest of your clothing in a good way. So a very simple and quick rule when choosing the right tie colour, is that you should always go for a colour that is darker than your shirt. That way, it will surely stand out and be visible. After all, what is the point of wearing a tie if people cannot see or tell the difference from your shirt?

However, when choosing the right tie colours, three things are considered:

  • The shirt colour: If your shirt is of a light colour, choose a tie of a darker colour than that of the shirt. It might be of a different or the same colour as the shirt but should have a different tone, preferably a darker one. For example, a sky blue shirt and a navy blue tie. However, if the shirt is of a very dark colour, preferably go for a tie of a lighter colour.

    blue tie on white shirt combination with grey suit
    A dark blue tie on a white shirt.
  • The Suit colour: matching Dark coloured suits tends to go well with most colours of tie. A light coloured suit should be matched with a dark colour tone tie.

    shirt and tie combination
    light coloured suit on a dark coloured tie
  • Shirt and Suit pattern: If you are going for a suit and shirt with a colour pattern, never wear a tie with a colour pattern even if the background colour fits in with that of the shirt and suit.

Now, you can apply your knowledge of colours and pick what works well with your outfit. You can read this article on colour combination to know more about colours and the different ways they can be combined properly.


Should your tie match your shoes?

Your tie does not have to match your shoe colour, rather consider your belt colour to match your shoe. Come to think of it, wearing a pink tie does not mean you have to wear a pink shoe or another colour that compliments a pink tie. You should be focused on the right shirt and tie combination not shirt and shoes. You only have to worry about matching your tie with your shirt and/or suit colour. The rest piece of clothing will be matched based on some other pieces. Like the shoe can be used to match the trouser. In fact, your items of clothing should be the main thing to consider before worrying about shoes and belts.

suit and tie combination
Your tie should match your outfit.


Does tie colour matter during shirt and tie combination?

Yes, tie colour matters. A wrong colour choice can not only ruin an entire outfit like a stain on a piece of clean clothing but also send out the wrong psychological message. Yes, colours send out messages. Each colour gives out a unique signal and adds some sort of atmospheric complement to the wearer. So wearing the right tie colour would help set the desired vibe and message you want to be let out on a particular occasion.

Politicians, for instance, are fond of wearing a red tie. This gives them a look that says passion, strength and authority.

red tie on white shirt
Bold red tie giving look of authority.


What is the current style of tie?

Nowadays, very narrow ties and very fat ties are gradually fading away. The current style of tie is something in the middle, something moderate in size, not too narrow and not too wide. It is usually within the range of 2.5 to 3.5 inches in width, depending on the size of the person that is going to wear it.

Also, ties made of silk fabric is the gold of ties currently.


Are ties one size fits all?

Ties are not one size fit all. Ties are unique to different persons same way we have different shirt size for different persons. Tie size is based on the persons build and clothing size.


When combining shirt and tie, where should the tie end?

The proper length a tie should get to when worn is at the middle of your belt buckle. The part before the pointed end should be just above the waistband of your trouser. That way, your tie does not look way too long and would not get stuck in your fly when zipping up.

where your tie length should end
The perfect position your tie length should end.


How do you pick the right size tie?

The right size tie should be one that matches your physical build and the style of your clothing. Consider your body frame size and the width of your suit jacket lapels, if it is normal or too wide than normal before choosing a tie. Bear in mind, it should not be bigger than 3.75 inches in width.

green tie and white shirt combination
a wide tie.


What do you do if your tie is too long?

For people who are shorter than average, finding a tie that fits perfectly in length is not always that easy. Most manufacturers produce ties using some very average dimension which will definitely end up being too long when worn by a short person.

If you find yourself in such a situation, there are few simple tips that can help out.

  • Go for custom made ties.
  • Tie a bigger knot. That way, more of the tie’s length will go into the knotting and reduce the over length. Preferably half or full Windsor knot.


So, in picking the right shirt and tie combination follow the these rules. Rule number 1: pick the right tie. Rule number 2: pick the right tie. And finally, rule number 3: go back and pick the right tie.

Also, don’t be shy to learn how to tie a tie if you still don’t how to do that properly.

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