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Ankara tops on jeans

African print top and Denim


If someone were to walk up to you and say he or she have not heard or does not know what air is. That is how strange It would be if you happen to say you have not heard the word “Jeans” before. It is that popular, a piece for everyone and every season in the fashion world. But for clarity sake, a little highlight might come in very handy.

Picture of denim fabric
Denim fabric

Jeans are a type of pants or trousers, that is made from denim or dungaree cloth. 

Denim is a strong cotton fabric woven in a way that the surface has diagonal ridges parallel to each other with indigo, grey, or mottled white yarn. Denim fabric is very popular and widely used all over the world. I like to say, it is the Ankara of the world. Because it cuts across all classes of people, from the upper class to the lower class, denim fabric is like a must-have in the wardrobe.

Made with 100% cotton, the unique thing about denim fabric is its durability and the ability to mould and adjust to your body shape each time you wear it. Some however come sometimes with 1% or 2% stretch to provide extra comfort, while maintaining all the wonderful qualities that 100% cotton denim possesses.

Denim has a wide variety of uses, from shoes, bags, accessories, you name them. But we are concerned about Jeans, the pants made with denim. These famous pants now come in a variety of shapes and colour shades, and even different variety of styles. There are ripped or shredded Jeans, classic, faded, stonewashed, and others, depending on what you like and how you want to look.

So here is a fabric that can be styled in so many different ways and can be worn in so many different ways too. Now, imagine bringing Ankara fabric into the game. With all its colours and patterns coming to the scene, be sure to have a mixture that is mind-blowing and at the same time able to stretch across a wide range of individual style needs.

You will agree with me that one very noticeable thing about denim is the fact that it comes in a wide variety of washes or shades. Like the popular blue jeans, for instance, ranges from extremely light colour pair to very dark blue pairs, and there is a lot of different shades of blue in between. Now, the issue of concern here is, since each shade is different from the next, and there are so many of them, will there be a colour disagreement with some particular shade when worn with African prints or Ankara? 


Ankara tops and jeans

This is a fashion outfit achieved by wearing a top made with the African print fabric, also known as Ankara, upon a pair of jeans. 

Now we are going to be looking at some African print fabric top and jeans combination.


Latest Ankara tops on jeans

Below are some of the latest Ankara tops on jeans combination.

Top from @sgtcclothing

Good mix right? Exactly! Blue jeans is the bomb. This look capitalises on the blue harmony between the top and the jeans.


Ankara top on jeans from kejeodesigns
Tops from @kejeodesigns

Blue or black? Both are good, but each comes with its own added bonus. The black gives a subtle look while the blue highlights the curves more.


Ankara patch top on blue jean
Top from @kejeodesigns

Ankara patch tops with all its multi colours still settles well with blue jeans. This here is my favourite, yes, I love this. This top can be worn with black quite alright, but then, the blue jeans just does more than just staying out of the picture; it actually plays a part in it as a lesser colour giving the other colours their shine.

Check out some Ankara tops on kejeo designs website


Ankara top from sgtcclothing on jeans
Top from @sgtcclothing



Ankara top on dark blue jean
Ankara top from @douzngrace_collection

You can actually match colours when wearing Ankara tops with jeans. This blue palette Ankara strip and circle mix worn with a navy blue jean gives a harmonious look.


Top from @ofuure

Another near blue match.


Top from @styleconnaisseur



Top from @mae_otti

This fabric is definitely a go with jeans.


Ankara top on bum short jeans
Top from @styleconnaisseur

You can also rock it with shorts. Same top, but let the jean tell the look you want.


Top from @styleconnaisseur



Top from @f_a_n_fabrics



Top from @acekouture



Top from @acekouture


Top from @acekouture


Top from @acekouture


Top from @kejeodesigns

How about kimono jacket on jeans. Works pretty well.


Top from @sgtcclothing





Can you wear Denim with any colour?

First of all, what colour do you wear with any colour?

A neutral colour right?

Okay, what neutral colour(s) do you know?

Most people think Black and white are the only neutral colours. Well, some might do well enough to include grey in their library of neutral colours simply because they think it is in-between, a mixture of black and white. But neutral colours go beyond just that. There are many colours of Denim that you work with, but in this case, we are going to be talking about the popular blue colour denim. It can be worn as a neutral colour and matches pretty well with lots of colours. But it can also be tricky, depending on the colour shade you are working with. A light wash Denim does the job as a neutral colour easier than the darker colour shade. This is because, for colours that are not main neutral colours to act as neutrals, the colour itself must be darkened or lightened so as not to be too distinct to affect the other colours combined with it. Lucky for you, Denim is made in a special way that makes them act neutral. They are twill-woven fabrics that usually have white as one of the threads, and white lightens the colour.

Twill is a type of textile weave that is done with a diagonal pattern with a dyed yarn and an un-dyed yearn. Twill weaves have a distinct, often darker coloured front side (called the wale) with a lighter back.

 Read more about Twill.


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