AFRICAN FASHION DESIGNERS (Top 10 African fashion designers that are recognized globally)

Top 10 African fashion designers

african fashion designers

African fashion designers has made it up to the spotlight in the fashion world. Apace with other foreign designers, a large number of African fashion designers have successfully developed new trends in the fashion industry globally through their creative works. 

African fashion designers

This article will be introducing the top 10 African Fashion designers. Continue reading to know more about these great personalities in Africa’s fashion industry. 

The Africa fashion industry has keyed into the international style pattern years back.  Nevertheless, modern fashion is something totally unique. The Africa’s fashion industry is filled with  beautiful colors and exquisite prints/fabrics, as well as the cultural heritage of the African continent. These top 10  designers have made a massive difference and high pitches in the world of fashion.

Top 10 African fashion designers

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie started a campaign called ”wear Nigerian campaign”. Her goal was to encourage people to buy fashion wears and designs from African designers. Adichie’s aim was also to strengthen and elevate Africa’s fashion industry. 

Let’s look at some of the famous African fashion designers (Top 10 African Fashion designers) who have put Africa’s fashion industry on the international map.

(N/b: There is no order  rank in our compilation) 

Sindiso Khumalo (from South Africa): 

top 10 African fashion designers

Sindiso Khumalo is a prominent fashion designers in South  Africa. She has an incredible talent in creating a spectacular mixture with fashion and architecture. Sindiso is known for designing unique and classy fashion wears. Her designs are quite affordable, this makes her product stand out from the crowd. She has been featured in some of the African journals including internationally. Some of these journals and magazines includes; vogue Uk, architecture, vogue Italian, culture, and identity, etc. 

Taibo Bacar (From Mozambique): 

top 10 African fashion designers

Tailo Bacar is also among the talented and one of the most sorted designers in Mozambique and Europe. Taibo Bacar is the first African fashion designer to display his designs in Milan. He got his unique talent from his mother who was a seamstress. He studied Business management but later dived into fashion school in Spain. His ready-to-wear Designs are loved and also in high demand by females who are in love with exquisite designs. 

 Lisa Folawiyo (From Nigeria): 

top 10 African fashion designers

Folawiyo happens to be one of the well-known fashion designer in Africa and also abroad. her creativeness and pro-activeness has earned her lots of accolades in the fashion industry. Additionally, she has a great skill in arts which aids her to give all her designs a touch of Africa’s beauty.

Duro Olowu (From Nigeria): 

top 10 African fashion designers

Duro olowu is one of the top 10 African fashion designers.  He is well respected in the industry both in Africa and abroad. His colorful African prints combination reveals the ample and diversity in African culture.  Olowu studied law but later fused fully into fashion due to his passion and love for the industry. 

Deola Sagoe (From  Nigeria): 

top 10 African fashion designers

Deola sagoe founded The House of Deola Sagoe. She started her career in 1989. Deola showcases her versatility in creating multi-layered designs. In all her elegant designs she always adds them a touch of African culture. She is well known both in Africa and abroad. 

Soares Anthony (From Nigeria): 

top 10 African fashion designers

Soarse Anthony made it to the top 10 African fashion designers due to his immense contribution in promoting the African industry through his creative designs. Anthony’s fashion niche is basically narrowed to the male-line. His designs are always super stylish and trending. 

Some other unique designers that made it to the top 10 African fashion designers include: 

  •  Lola Faturoti (From Nigeria)

top 10 African fashion designers

  • Frank Oshodi (From Nigeria)

top 10 African fashion designers

  • Zizi Cardow (From Nigeria)

top 10 African fashion designers

  •  Ade Bakare (From Nigeria)

top 10 African fashion designers

kindly, check-in to learn more about these great personalities in the fashion industry.

To also find more about other fashion designers that have made a tremendous impact on Africa’s fashion industry, whose name isn’t mentioned among the Top 10 fashion designers in Africa visit demand Africa for more information. 

To view some of Africa’s stylish fashion outfit, click on this.

See you in our next post! 

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