Mickyglam is leveraging digital media in promoting and showcasing Africa’s Fashion industry.


• Enabling creative designers in the Africa fashion industry to submit their products for promotion (this includes both apparel, footwear, and any fashion product made in Africa)

• Encouraging upcoming designers by bringing their little efforts to limelight and also merging them to already existing industry for mentorship. • Helping small scale and local designers gain visibility.

• Promoting brands and enabling them to sell their products on our digital store platform.

• valorize local content and workmanship while embracing industrialization In order to develop the African textile and garment industry.

• connect and strengthen each link in the chain, from producers and suppliers of primary materials to manufacturers and distributors, and of course, investors.

As a plus, we do also showcase beauty and fashion tips, celebrity fashion gist, and also fashion galleries for your styling, learning, and viewing pleasure.