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6 Lifesaving Hair accessories You must have

Hair Accessories that are popular

A woman’s hair is the best accessory she can wear. Fashion doesn’t entail only our dress styles but our hair and hair accessories also which makes a complete look.

Different items have been put in place to take care of our hair looks to achieve a complete fashion sense. To do this we need to wear our hair accessories or ornaments to make our hair look top-notch.


What Are Hair Accessories?

Hair accessories are functional or ornamental objects wrapped, tied, twisted, inserted, or otherwise attached to the hair. Hair accessories have been worn for ages.

They come in different sizes, colours, and designs. Some hair accessories are unisex which means they can be worn by both males and females.

Hair accessories are most likely worn to complement your dressing or make your dressing stand out, and tone your looks. Like African print accessories and your outfit gives a bit of African look.


Hair Accessories you  must  have

One does not necessarily want to spend eternity styling one’s hair.  We came up with a list of trending hair accessories you must-have for a quick and easy hairdo.


1. Scarves or Headwraps

Scarf plural form scarves is a length or square of fabric worn around the neck or head. They come in different colors, lengths (short or long), and fabrics. Imagine having a lazy day and you don’t feel you can get your done, then a scarf can come in handy. All you need to do is to let down your hair and tie your scarf in your desired way.

A scarf can be used for different hair types or hair lengths, you do not necessarily need a specific type of hair to wear a scarf.

Scarf styling is versatile, it could be tied as a bow, it could be used to cover the whole hair or just halfway, or even used for a ponytail. Various videos have been uploaded by different people on how to tie a scarf, this will help as a guide if you are having difficulties in styling your scarf.

scarves as hair accessory


red head wrap as hair accessory


2. Hair clips

Hair clips are another must-have when it comes to your hair accessories. I mean you can think of various styles associated with hair clips. There are various types of hair clips you could choose from when it comes to choosing your hair clips. There are fancy hair clips with beautiful designs.

You can have more than one hair clip on your hair with different designs or with one design if you do not necessarily want all the attention on your hair.

Hair clips are also used to secure your hair out of your face.

To crown it all, hair clips are one of the very easy to use hair accessory.

hair clips

hair clips as hair accessory


3. Hairpins

Hairpins are another must-have hair accessory to own. They are different from your hair clips. Hairpins are flexible and because if that, can be manipulated. They are very useful when it comes to styling one’s hair. It could be used to secure a bun, bangs, to lay your hair smoothly, it can also be used to pin one part of your hair down or both parts. There’s no specific way to wear it, just keep it simple and be creative with your hair.

hair pin
Pin: Annie Shah Makeup

hair pin


4. Scrunchies

A scrunchie (or scrunchy) is a fabric-covered elastic hair tie used to fasten short to medium to long hair types.

Scrunchies are often used to secure your ponytail. You could use your scrunchy for a high ponytail or a low ponytail. you can also secure some of your hair halfway up with your scrunchy and leave the rest down. Remember not to fasten your scrunchy too tight to avoid hair pull.

Scrunchies comes in different colours, fabrics, and designs.

scrunchies on hair bun


5. Hairbands and Headbands

 Hairbands are also trending hair fashion accessories one must-have. You can never go wrong with hairband accessories when you pick the right color.  They sit majestically on your hair, keeping them in place.

Headband comes in different colours also as well as designs. You could go for an Ankara headband, a velvet headband, a bowed headband, a jeweled headband, a plastic headband, a turban headband, a silk headband, etc. There’s no crime in owning more than one headband.

Headbands are easy to wear, they are placed in front of the hair and not necessarily used to secure the hair up, but also draw attention too.

Hair band hair accessories
headband hair accessory
bow front headband


6. Bandanas

What’s your hair accessory collection without a bandana? A Bandana is a piece of fabric tied around the neck or head. They come in different colours and designs. The bandana hair fashion has been trending for a long time and interestingly it is used by both males and females.

Different styles come to mind with bandanas. You could do a ponytail, it could be knotted at the front as a bow, and also used to cover the whole hair. There is a whole lot to do with your bandanas.

bandana as hair accessory


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use hair accessories for braided hair?

Yes, hair accessories can be used on extensions too. For example, a scrunchy can be used to secure braids, headbands also are not left out. 


Why do I have headaches after using a headband?

It’s important to note while using these accessories they shouldn’t be fastened too tight, this can cause damage to the hair and also to the individual.

In other words, hair accessories should not be worn for long and not be tight.


How often should I use a hair accessory?

Emphasis should be made on how you wear your accessories. It shouldn’t be too tight therefore causing damage to the hair. If it’s not causing any damage to your hair then it can be worn often. But it’s advisable to give your hair a break in-between.



It is interesting to note that most hair accessories have a cultural background. You can decide to wear a particular hair accessory because of one’s cultural background. Nevertheless, there’s no specific way to style your hair with these accessories, try out trending creative styles, keep it simple, and look beautiful. 

Remember fashion is an individual’s overall look in general. In essence, you should know how to incorporate these accessories with your work clothing and also your casual wear, so as not to cause a fashion mishap.

On a final note, be you, but always keep it simple.


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