30 LATEST ASOEBI STYLES-(best Asoebi styles)

30 latest Asoebi styles fro house of Solange designs

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30 latest Asoebi styles- Asoebi is one of the basic African traditions/trademarks. A true African wedding cannot be complete without the best Asoebi style ( Asoebi uniform).

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latest Asoebi styleslatest Asoebi styles

Asoebi styles for weddings are a form of solidarity and cooperation in Africa. This act of uniform Asoebi styles for wedding makes the groom and bride feel loved and cherished. When the bride and groom see their squad putting on their best Asoebi styles it gives them this hype and on top of the world feeling.  

latest Asoebi styleslatest Asoebi stylesbest weddingn guest styles

In this post, we will be showcasing the wonderful and beautiful fashion designs by House of Solange. One of the Nigerians top African fashion designer known as House of Solange has a great talent of designing elegant and unique clothes. Their Asoebi styles are top-notch. They are located in Lagos, so if you are in Lagos and want to put on the best Asoebi styles contact them.

asoebi styles for weddingasoebi styles for wedding30 latest Asoebi styles

 Below is their contact


WhatsApp number: +2347031679771 

Location: Lagos.

Visit their Instagram page using this link. 

You can contact them now for all your Asoebi styles for lace or with any material at all. Also, our 30 latest Asoebi styles are from them. The images we used for this blog post (30 latest Asoebi styles) are their designs. Mickyglam, our major aim is to promote and showcase the African fashion industry. 

To put our goals into action, we are promoting the house of Solange today! Tomorrow will be for another brand. 

asoebi styles for weddingasoebi styles for weddings

Back to 30 latest Asoebi styles! 

Have you ever been to a wedding that you feel so odd because you weren’t putting on the color code or uniform? 

asoebi styles for weddingasoebi styles for weddingasoebi gown

This feeling could be somehow awkward, more especially in a typical Yoruba wedding where they don’t joke with Asoebi styles (uniform). 

Asoebi styles for lace designs are in high demand and trending on Google search. This shows how people are in dare need of the latest and best Asoebi styles for lace designs. This post will be doing justice to that because almost all our 30 latest Asoebi styles are all lace materials. In order words, keep scrolling down slowly for all the images to load, don’t be too fast to leave the site. 

asoebi gown stylesasoebi gown styles

Elegance and extreme gorgeousness is the tag name for an Asoebi style for lace materials when designed and tailored properly. Best Asoebi styles are designs that are carefully tailored by an expert and a creative fashion designer. To ensure your outfit gets a slot in the best Asoebi styles rank, make sure your designer is an expert. In our 30 latest Asoebi styles, we made sure we select and pick the best from The house of Solange photo gallery. 

asoebi gown stylesasoebi gown styles

The African fashion industry has so many wonderful attributes when you come to fashion and designs. Africans sticking with their culture and traditions regardless of the foreign fashion inventions is first to none. Nevertheless, Some people have dropped off to adjust totally to modern fashion. The uniqueness of Asoebi has been and will always be west Africa’s identity of honoring and solidarizing with their loved ones on their special day. 

asoebi lace sylesasoebi lace styles

Some of the wonderful attributes of Asoebi styles for wedding

1. Love

Although the celebrants (groom and bride) are responsible to choose the color of Asoebi of their choice. When friends and family agree and show up on your special day in the agreed color and attire, it depicts how much love they have for you. It makes the celebrants feel on top of the world. Just imagine when after all is said and done and Your dare friends, families and loved ones turn up without wearing the agreed Asoebi style attire. As a human, it will tear you down, although you might try hiding it because it’s your special day. At some point, you will get that feeling that you are not being loved and cherished. 

asoebi lace stylesasoebi lace styles

Always try to show up for your friends and family on their special day with the Agreed best and latest Asoebi styles. If you don’t have any style in mind, you can select from any of our 30 latest Asoebi styles. 

2. Peace and unity

asoebi stylesasoebi styles

The uniform wedding ceremony outfit known as Asoebi is a sign of unity and peace. When friends and family appear in one accord with the agreed Asoebi style uniform it defines unity and also in a way blesses the new couple’s family with peace and unity in their home. 

3. It colors the ceremony

30 latest Asoebi styles30 latest asoebi styles

Ever been to a wedding where everyone is putting on the same color? 

Asoebi beautifies and colors every ceremony, it adds more beauty to the environment. So, if you want to add beautiful and gorgeous beauty to your ceremony make sure you have a Uniform color for your Asoebi styles for your event. 

30 latest Asoebi styles

N/b: Make sure you select a unique and beautiful color for your event. Be careful with whichever color you choose to avoid your best day looking odd. 

I hope you guys love our post on the 30 latest Asoebi styles. 

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See you in our next post! 


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