10 SIMPLE STEPS ON HOW TO TIE GELE (learn how to tie gele)

10 simple steps on how to tie gele (learn how to tie gele)

10 SIMPLE STEPS ON HOW TO TIE GELE (learn how to tie gele)

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Today we will be showing you 10 simple steps on how to tie gele. 

For better understanding, watch a video on how to tie gele click here.

These steps below will enable you to tie that beautiful gele by yourself. 

how to tie gele

Instruction: follow these steps carefully, read to understand. 

tying gele is a really awesome art, its art that impels admiration with ease. Truthfully, a skillfully tied enhances a special kind of beauty; the type of beauty that can only be seen among the gorgeous people of Africa.

Nevertheless, fashion experts connote that it takes a good and quality sense of skill to tie a stunning and beautiful gele. Although tying gele is a skill that is not easy to acquire. Nonetheless, with dedicated and constant practice you can get there. It is very important to practice with the steps provided in this blog post. These steps will help you in tying gele like a professional. Bear it in mind that it is not a one-day thing, it takes time so you need to be patient and consistent. 

simple steps on how to tie gelesimple steps on how to tie gele

Note: to get started you will be needing a gele. 

Below are the steps:

  • The First thing you are to do is to fold the gels from the end part(I.e from either of the edges). Ensure to have a smooth tip. Straighten the tips of the gele if they are rough/not smooth. The smooth tip of the gele will make it easier for you to have a perfect tie. 

After folding the end part, Wrap your gele around your head. Wrap from the back to the front, ensure you wrap towards your forehead. Make sure each end is equal to each other. 

Note that if you don’t fold the end part properly, your gele will be rough. There’s every possibility that your gele might end up well if you don’t get the first step right. 

simple steps on how to tie gele

  • Holding the gele firmly, take the left side of the gele and wrap it around. To know if you are getting it right, the right side of the game should be longer than the left one. If the left side of the gele is not shorter than the right side, know there is something you didn’t do right. Untie the gele and start afresh. To avoid wasting long precious time tying your gele wrongly, it is important to check if the left side is shorter. 
  • After wrapping the left side, switch to the right side, and repeat the same procedure above. Ensure you hold the gele tightly, wrap around the head starting from the front to the back. 
  • The next step is to arrange the gele around the head in measured levels and layers. You need to start from the side and back of the gele. Ensure you make neat and arranged levels and layers so that the gele will look superb. This happens to be one of the difficult steps In tying gele. It takes time and requires total attention and carefulness. Once you get this step, you are almost done with your learning process. 
  • Make sure that the leftover at the edge closest to you is enough to grab tightly.  squeeze the edge to form a fan-like structure from the middle of the layers. Ensure the fan-like structure is right enough to grab. To achieve this, slowly and gently hold the layers you created and fold. 
  • Tie both edges that are closest to you twice into a knot, gently and neatly tamp them in loose bits.

  • After pushing the loose bits, to know if you did it right lookout for two layers at the top of the gele. If there aren’t any two layers at the top of the gele, know you didn’t get it right. Make sure the largest part of the gele is in the middle.  Using the largest side of the gele, arrange the layer at the back. 
  • In order to give the face a lift, gently push back the gele away from the face. Make sure or avoid pushing the gele too much to avoid scattering the layers. In order to avoid it falling off your head do not pug back too much. Importantly, make sure your ears are inside the gele, this is more like a law.
  • For the desired result, adjust the gele to your taste. Be careful while adjusting to avoid scattering the whole thing. 

learn simple steps on how to tie gele

You can look sophisticated and awesome in a non-modern/modern traditional look with a headwrap to match. For Ankara lovers that are always indecisive either to wear the same match Ankara head tie or gele. You can choose not to wear the same material as a head tie. Basically, it all depends on the design/style of your clothes. Basically, the truth still remains that Ankara materials won’t give you a strong texture like gele. Ankara materials are not always strong so the possibility of giving you a chic look is really slim. 

simple ways on how to tie gele

Nevertheless, there are professionals who can still handle the soft texture nature of Ankara and still give you a superb head tie style. If you are bent on using Ankara and Ankara alone just try to meet a professional. The advantage of gele to Ankara is that:

simple steps on how to tie gele

  • It can easily be tied to many styles, this means that when it comes to styling gele is versatile. 
  • You can easily tie it alone with little or no stress.
  • It gives you a high-class look.
  • The texture is stronger than that of gele. 
  • It has a variety of colors, so you don’t need to bother with colors to select from. Just find a suitable gele that matches your Ankara design.
  • You can buy a permanently styled gele.
  • You can always use it while wearing any other material.

simple steps on how to tie gele


  • It is not really cost-effective, if you are on a low budget you might consider using the same Ankara as a head tie.

simple steps on how to tie gele

Advantages of using Ankara match material as a head tie:

  • It is cost-effective.
  • If you are looking for a light material, Ankara is the right plug for you.

simple steps on how to tie gele


  • You can’t wear it without the same Ankara match design.
  • There’s no versatility in styling. 
  • It doesn’t really give a high-class look if not tied properly. 

simple steps on how to tie gele

That’s the end of today’s post.

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