10 NATURAL REMEDIES USED IN GETTING RID OF PIMPLES (acnes) – effective verified remedies

10 NATURAL REMEDIES USED IN GETTING RID OF PIMPLES (acnes) – effective verified remedies

10 natural remedies in getting rid of pimples.

10 Natural remedies used in getting rid of pimples.

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For today’s post, we will be showing you guys natural remedies that can be used in getting rid of pimples. Stay tuned with us as we walk you down on these beauty tips. 

Pimple which is also known as acne is among the skin conditions which affects almost everyone in the world, its estimation is about 85% which had been affected by this. 

The use of chemical-based creams in treating pimples (acne) can be expensive and often result in side effects like redness, dryness, and irritation. Some even give a permanent scar on the face. 

Over the years, some people have sorted for natural ways of getting rid of pimples (Acne). 

There are several questions on people mind, questions like,

Do natural remedies work?

How effective are natural remedies in getting rid of pimples?

How fast does it clear pimples? 

What is the best natural remedy alternative for getting rid of pimples? 

The truth is that natural remedies do work magic on getting rid of pimples but it takes consistency. Natural remedies are not a quick or fastest option in getting rid of pimples, it takes patience to achieve flawless skin. 

In this post, we would be showing you 13 natural remedies that can be used in getting rid of pimples.

First: Apple Cider Vinegar

The use of Apple cider vinegar is one of the popular natural remedies in getting rid of pimples. Nevertheless, this method requires total carefulness and caution. Be careful in preparing the solution, use only a 1:3 ration in preparing the solution. Carefully rub the solution on the face, let rest for ½ (half) a minute, repeat the process twice daily for an effective result. Don’t let the solution rest for so long on your face to avoid irritation. Wash your face with warm water. 

Vinegar has a very wonderful property which includes lactic acid and succinic acid which acts as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action. These properties help in fighting against pimples and acne.  

Second: Honey And Cinnamon

When it comes to getting rid of pimples, honey and cinnamon is a very powerful combination. These two combinations have been considered to work extremely well. You can choose whether to use it as a face mask or just rub only the affected area. Ensure you use a 2:1 ratio of the solution on the face. This combination tends to have a drying effect on the face, therefore you need to go for a patch test to know if your skin will accept the solution without having any adverse effect on you. The combination helps in decreasing the scarring of pimples and acne. 

Third: Honey 

For those who have highly sensitive skin using honey and cinnamon combination on the affected area may cause more harm. Cinnamon might be high for sensitive skin, instead of applying for the money, it is advisable to use only honey. Honey is rich in moisturizing and soothing and this results in bringing down the inflammation. You can use plain honey as a face mask as it smoothens the face. 

Forth: Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil happens to be one of the natural essentials in getting rid of pimples. It is very important to also know that it is dangerous to use undiluted tea tree oil on the face. Using undiluted tea tree oil on the face may likely irritate. You dilute it with other essential oils like coconut or turmeric oil. The approximate percentage that is ideal for the skin is 4-5% anything higher than this is dangerous. You can equally dilute the tea tree oil with a moisturizing gel that is acne friendly. 

Fifth: Rosemary Extract

Rosemary extract is another powerful natural remedy in getting rid of pimples and acne. Rosemary Extract is an antioxidant oil and also acts as an antibacterial. You can use your cotton bud or any stuff and tender item to apply rosemary extract on your face. Wash your face after the solution has settled for 15 to 20 minutes. 

Although some people do complain that rosemary extract is difficult to find in regular markets. Our advice is to go to organic stores, you would see it there. 

Sixth: Green Tea

Maybe you have heard that green tea is nice for ingestion. This has made some to feel green tea is only for ingestion. The truth is that there are so many wonderful benefits of taking green tea, not only is it good for ingestion, it is also superb for the skin. The skin has so much to gain by you taking green tea. Green tea has bacterial fighting properties and is also filled with antioxidants. With the help of a spray container, you can spray green tea on your face or apply directly to the affected part. 

Don’t use green tea immediately after preparation, allow it to settle very well for it to be effective. 

Seventh: Jojoba Oil

Also, know that the jojoba oil cannot be used undiluted as it is high and may cause irritation. Jojoba oil contains anti-acne properties. You can dilute your jojoba oil in a clay mask, gel formulation, or moisturizing cream. Rub the mixture on the affected areas. Jojoba oil is a shrub derived oil.

Eighth: Aloe Vera

Here comes the best of them all, aloe vera is a great recommendation when it comes to getting rid of pimples. Aloe vera is rich in sulfur and salicylic acid which helps to reduce redness and drying up of pus in pimples. To achieve the best result, you need to use the aloe vera fresh immediately after cutting it. Ultimately, aloe vera makes the face look smooth, healthy, and glowing. 

Cucumber Ice

Cucumber ice is yet another great remedy for getting rid of pimples. For those with reddish painful inflammation, cucumber ice is the remedy you need. Cucumber ice helps to calm down and bring relief to the reddish pimple pain. For preparation, get a fresh aloe vera and blend it to a paste and freeze it as a cube and rub at the affected areas. 

To our readers, if you have any other natural remedies for getting rid of pimples, you can as we let us know by dropping your method in our comment section. 

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