Ten (10) Amazing facts about Nigeria (60th Nigerian independence)

10 amazing facts about Nigeria


Nigeria is a country filled with arts, color, beautiful people, and music.  

Nigeria gots its name from the River Niger and that’s the largest river in Africa. The name was coined by the late 90’s century British journalist ”Lady Flora Shaw”. The River Niger covers a distance of 260 miles and runs into the Atlantic ocean.

10 amazing facts about Nigeria

Nigeria is a very multicultural place. Nigeria has over 500 ethnic groups, and the three largest of those are Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba. Aside from being multicultural, Nigeria is also multilingual. The country of Nigeria has over 7% of the total amount of languages spoken on earth. Although the official language is English, they also have over 600 distinct languages. These languages are specific to each ethnic group.

When it comes to religion, Nigeria has 3 basic religions. This religion includes Christianity, Muslim, and traditional religion. Islam is heavily practiced in the northern part of Nigeria, while Christianity is heavily practiced in the eastern part of Nigeria as well as in the middle of the country. The traditional religion is being practiced by almost all the 3 major ethnic groups.

10 amazing facts about Nigeria

The country of Nigeria is considered to be the giant of African. 

Many do ask WHY? 

According to records, Nigeria has almost  200 million people, making it one of the most populated countries in the world. As of 2019, Nigeria ranked as the 7th most populated country in the world. 

About  50% and 40% of the total population has the majority of its people either from Muslims or Christians. 

Socially, Nigeria is a very interesting country. About 75% of its citizens utilize social media platforms on a daily basis. Unlike other countries that use laptops more than smartphones, Nigerians are the direct opposite. According to research, the majority use their smartphones more than their laptops. 

The country Nigeria, it’s citizens always find a way to make themselves happy. Amidst the crisis, poor government, hunger, etc they try to make themselves happy in any little way they can via social media platforms. 

10 amazing facts about Nigeria

Lagos happens to be the largest city in Nigeria but not the capital. Abuja is the capital of Nigeria and was established in the 1980s. Abuja is the administrative and political center of Nigeria. That’s where most of the political leaders live and run their daily duties. Aso Rock is located in Abuja and that’s where the president lives. 

Although people do tag Lagos to be the most industrious city in Nigeria. Abuja also on the other hand is one of the fastest-growing cities in Nigeria. The city’s population is around 6 million people in its municipal area.

10 amazing facts about Nigeria

The Nigeria movie industry is known as Nollywood. We don’t know yet how the name came about but everyone knows it as Nollywood. Nollywood is one of the biggest and fast-growing movie industries in the world. After Bollywood, Nollywood is estimated to be the second-largest movie industry in the world. 

Hard work is the right title to give to the Nollywood industry. Every week up to 200 movies are produced. This rounds their estimated movie production each year to be up to 10 000 and even more. 

10 amazing facts about Nigeria

Generally, Life expectancy is really poor on the African continent. Woefully, Nigeria is not an exception. Poverty is the major reason for the low life expectancy. People barely have what to eat, no job opportunities, electricity, etc

Poverty is the order of the day and many children and young ones die of uncured/ untreated illnesses and diseases. The health sector is no longer a place for the poor, but only for the rich.  Children’s mortality rate is really at the high side due to the carelessness and selfishness of the health sector. Drinking water is now extremely toxic in some places, even air is no longer healthy, fresh air is now rarely found. Cholera and Malaria is now a compulsory sickness! Very bad. 

Amidst all these crises, population growth keeps on ranking high in Nigeria. Even though there are still people that are making it massively in this country. The tag “the rich get richer and the poor continue swimming in poverty” is not a joke!

This brings the question to every Nigerian mind

10 amazing facts about Nigeria

Will this country ever get better? 

Due to the Nigerians impact on the exportation and importation industry, it is recorded to be the largest economy in Africa. Although the agricultural sector has been a great aid to Nigerians. Agriculture has accounted for over 70 percent of the country’s employment. petroleum is the major primary export resource Nigeria has even though it is nothing good to write home about. It’s citizens still suffer to get Nigeria’s primary resource due to its high price. 

Aliko Dangote who happens to be the richest man in Africa is a Nigerian. He was born on 10th April 1957 into a well-esteemed home. Down to his history line, Aliko Dangote was a student of Al-Azhar University, Kairo where he studied business studies and administration. At a very tender age, Aliko Dangote discovered his intense passion for business and focused on it. In the year 1977, he started the Dangote Group which happens to be a powerful group to date. 

10 amazing facts about Nigeria

From inception, the Dangote company/group has a major production in flour, pasta, and sugar. Although recently there have been new inventions like cement and so many others. The largest refinery known in Africa happens to be the Dangote Oil Refinery which is located at ibeju lekki Lagos Nigeria. The Dangote group subdivision has really created job opportunities for so many in Nigeria and also Africa at large.

10 amazing facts about Nigeria

In the “100 Most Influential Philanthropists” which was marshaled by Richtopia, Dangote was 6th on their list. He has won several awards which include the Forbes Africa Person of the Year and also Clinton Global Citizen Award 2014 and 2015 respectively. Dangote is currently worth $8.4 billion which puts him at the forefront of the richest man in Africa. 

Nigeria is a great country, though things might seem rough as it stands now, our hope is that it will get better someday. 

We only get to hope for the best while expecting the worst. Try as much as you can to survive and help make the world a better place in your own little corner. 



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